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Examination and Evaluation

Scheme of examination and evaluation

-    Weekly test papers will be returned to students within ten days of the test. Parents are required to sign the test reports and maintain effective communication with the school through the almanac.


-    The academic year will be divided into two semesters and examination will be held at the end of each semester.
-    The syllabus in all subjects will be divided into two independent semesters. Details are given in the printed syllabus.
-    Formative assessments will be held in all the subjects according to the schedule given in the almanac.
-    Evaluation will be based on student’s continuous academic performance during the year. Weightage for formative  and summative assessments is given below.

Classes II to VIII                                 II        III        IV         V         VI       VIII      VII
Formative Assessments                   25%    25%    20%    15%    10%    10%    10%
Summative Assessment-I                 25%    25%    30%    35%    40%    40%    40%
Formative Assessment                     25%    25%    20%    15%    10%    10%    10%
Summative Assessment-II                25%    25%    30%    35%    40%    40%    40%
No Formal Semester Examination will be held up to class-I


-    Students of Pre-Nursery, Prep & I will be assessed on the basis of their day to day performance. No formal examination or tests will be conducted for them.

Classes II-VIII

-    Students scoring 40% and above in all subjects and in the aggregate will qualify for promotion to the next class.
Letter grades will be given in the following areas of learning
-    Work experience
-    Physical education
-    Computer Studies (Classes II-VIII)
-    IIIrd Language (Classes IV-VIII)
-    Assignments (Formal & Informal)
Students found using unfair means during any assessment will be marked zero in that subject. No retest will be held for such students and they will not be eligible for any academic awards or school appointments.
Schedule of reports to  be sent to parents.
Formative assessment marks will be entered in the almanac.
Parents are requested to sign in the given column.


-    1st report based on Formative and Summative Assessment-I.
-    2nd report based on Formative and Summative Assessment-II.
-    Final Assessment.

Classes Pre-Nur., Prep and I

1st  report             Sept. 2016
2nd report             Jan. 2017
3rd report              Mar. 2017