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Social Science

Man is a social animal and to maintain relations between the people and the communities and their social customs, welfare, reforms, Social Science Laboratory methodology is used in experimentation. Group of subjects concerned with social sciences are taught with the help of models, charts and various modern techniques.

Language Lab

The language laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process. It is a technological aid for learning, it has a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate. It provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language.


The study of Mathematics is made more interesting by giving it a practical approach. The practical application removes the phobia generally developed among the students for the subject and the clarity of concepts too. Experimentation develops competence and draws out the latent skills of the students. It sharpens reasoning and analytical abilities as well.

General Science

I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand. The Science Laboratory experiences provide opportunities for students to interact directly with the material or with data drawn, using the tools, data collection techniques, models and theories of Science. Our Lab. is well equipped with the latest apparatus.